Top 3 Causes For Procrastination

Top 3 Causes For Procrastination

Top 3 Causes For Procrastination

There are those people who are supposed to achieve greater things but fail to do so. Why? Some of the external factors cannot be controlled. However, most of the time factors for success lie within us. Procrastination is one of the many roadblocks that could hinder you down the road to greater achievements. Anyone can procrastinate. Sometime we don’t even realize there were doing it. However, there are also those time where we already know that we’re procrastinating yet we fail to do anything to stop it. Why do people procrastinate anyway and what are the effects of procrastination to people? There are several reasons as to why people start procrastinating in the first place. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why:

Skill Deficiency

One of the most common reasons for procrastination is the lack of ability. Completing tasks often requires certain skills from an individual. Having no related skills of any sort that would aid in the completion of the task would make it seem impossible to even begin. Most often, skill related problems leading to procrastination are solved by addressing what the actual problems are. Seeking professional help or counseling often aids greatly in addressing these concerns.

Lack Of Interest

No matter how awesome anything is to you, if someone else don’t find interest in it they never will. Lack of interest will lead people to avoid tasks that are not in their favorable list. If in case you are subjected to complicated tasks, the best way to approach it is to put your feelings aside and simply do it. Doing it without any mental burden of not liking it will greatly reduce the chances of procrastination.

Lack Of Motivation

There is often a misconception about how motivation works. Most of the time people think that they need to be motivated first before doing tasks. But how about unpleasant tasks? Tasks like shoveling snow in the freezing cold, raking leaves in fall, or doing taxes. These tasks are not the most pleasant of tasks but people still do them. Why? Motivation really comes after the task has been started. Once the ball start rolling, the desire to complete it can be enough motivation to keep going.

These examples are only some of the many reasons why people start procrastinating. As you can see, curing procrastination takes a lot of determination and is not for the faint of heart. Just always remember that there is no great task without a great person and that individual could be you.


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