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 What is PLR?

I don’t want to get too techy here, so, I will just state what Wikipedia says:
Private Label Rights (PLR): …is a concept used in Internet marketing and derived
from private labeling. It’s a license where the author sells most or all of the
intellectual property rights to their work. Taken from Wikipedia
In other words, it’s when you buy the rights to content from the author and can
customize or change it in any way. Such as if I wrote a series of articles, and
then sold them, and the person to whom I sold them could alter them and use
them however they wish.
For example, if Writer A creates content, they may sell the Private Label Rights
to Writer B and allow Writer B to make certain allowable changes, add their
name and company, etc. and then resell the content.

In the PLR process, the original writer creates the content and then sells it for a
one-time fee, while keeping the copyright. The buyer is then free to use, alter,
and distribute it in accordance with the PLR agreement. This agreement is set by
the original writer, and might include rebranding, modifying, or adding one’s
name to the product.
Private Label Rights can vary from writer to writer, as it is the original content
owner who decides how the content can be used and altered. In other words, it
is not as simple as just buying content and doing whatever you want with it. The
original writer usually has certain restrictions.

Rights Explained

There are several categories of content rights, and it is important to understand
the differences so that you can make the most of your business and content
without having to worry about legal or plagiarism problems.
1. Resell Rights: Normal resell rights allow the buyer of the original content to
resell that content. Usually, the content must be sold in its original state, and it
contains a PUO (personal use only) disclaimer. Sometimes there are restrictions,
such as a certain price requirement, which are given by the original writer. In
this form, the original buyer can sell the product, but the subsequent buyers
2. Master Resell Rights: In this category, the buyer can sell both the content and
the resell rights. This means that not only can the original buyer sell the content,
subsequent buyers can sell it as well.


With rebranding, the original buyer of the content can replace
the writer’s links with their own. However, the buyer cannot alter the content
of the writing. Rebranding is normally offered along with Normal Resell Rights,
so that only the original buyer can resell the content.
4. Private Label Rights: As stated above, when the buyer purchases Private
Label Rights, they may alter or edit content and resell it. This type of rights gives
the buyer the most freedom with the original content. However, the original
creator may still include certain restrictions, which must be followed.
5. Giveaway Rights: Giveaway rights allow the purchaser of the content to give it
away. The purchaser may not claim ownership of the content or charge for the
content. In most cases, the content cannot be significantly altered.


Right before I tell you why you should use PLR content in your business, let me
ask you a very important question.
What makes people buy a product or a service?
 A high converting sales invitation
 A step-by-step, easy to follow system or easy to use service
 The latest information on the subject
 The great benefits people may receive
 The testimonials from people that are already getting results
 Killer graphics
 Great bonuses
 Low price
 High Quality Support
 And of course the Money-Back Guarantee

And right there with that Money-Back Guarantee is where buyers find the
coveted back door to get their money back if they are not satisfied. And do you
know why people get refunds?
A lot of people get refunds for the sad truth that “Marketers just flat out lied in
just one of the components stated above,” and guess what people think of
marketers that promote those kinds of low quality products? You don’t want to
know the answer to that.
I certainly know there are dishonest people that like to get a refund no matter
what, but there is a really low amount of them. Anyway, you have to convince even those kinds of people that your product is so good that they will not ask for
a refund just for fun.
The above components will surely help you to get great results. You may have
the greatest product or service in the world, but if you don’t use the right tools
to market it, then you are lost.

And here is where PLR Content comes into play. If you own the perfect product
or service, you have in your hands a really powerful profit making machine that
you can turn on whenever you want, and make money from it as many times as
you want from the same audience that is passionate about it. But remember,
you have to use the best marketing tools to achieve this.
If you seriously want to get the results you want and deserve, pay attention to
what I’m about to tell you here in this training.
Now that you know what makes people buy a product or service, let me tell you
why PLR content is the greatest solution for you and your business.


Do you have $2,000+ to outsource all of this? It can be very expensive to hire a
content creator just for you and your business. In writing, unless you are lucky
enough to happen upon someone who is new, you tend to get what you pay for.
A content creator of quality who knows their way around the block is going to
charge anywhere from $20 to $50 per hour. That can get expensive quickly.
What about graphic designers and software developers? The costs are a lot


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