Making Money From Plr Is Very Profitable

Private Label Rights

Did you know that Plr can be a very good way of making money ?

I have found that if you do this the right way then the profits can be very rewarding.

whilst searching the internet a few years ago i came across ebooks and then found out about plr an abbreviation of private label rights. What i read was really interesting and i was intrigued to find out more about this. So after doing my research and many hours of reading and watching you tube videos i began my search.

On my journey i found out you can not just buy a product and rebrand it, PLR is sold with different levels of rights, which limits what you do with the content. That also limits how you can rebrand the PLR as well. For example “resale rights only,” means you may not change any of the content, but you can sell the PLR. Some PLR must have a certain percentage of the content rewritten before you can post it on your blog or website. Now its not all bad news because you can get ebooks stating that you have all rights, this means you can change what ever you want and then put your market name on it. Every plr product should come with what rights you receive and if your unsure about this then contact the seller.

Reformat To Rebrand

Change the configuration of the PLR to rebrand it. Break separated a digital book into 250-to 400-word presents on use on your blog. Another option is to consolidate a progression of articles into a short report. On the off chance that the articles don’t stream well together, call them tips. Offer the short report as a motivation for guests to your site to join on your mailing list. Utilize another arrangement of PLR articles for your automated assistant messages to send to your mailing list. Each fourth or fifth message contains an attempt to seal the deal for an item.

Anyway lets go back to where i was and buying my first plr ebook

I bought a book about ebook profits, the book was a course and cost me about £17.00, In this course it explained not only about how to rebrand your product but how to change the image and title to make it your own.It took me about 2 weeks to grasp how infact they did this but eventually i got there. I change the image i changed some content of the ebook and of course i put my own name on it

Selling My First Ebook

So there i was with my finished product and chuffed to bits about it, But what now ?

Well of course i wanted to make my first sale so where do i go with this ? Well again i went back and researched the internet and found this well know website for selling plr products. I signed up and put my first product up for sale and sat back waiting for my first bit of cash, Weeks went by and nothing ? How strange i thought why did my did my product not sell ?. Well it turns out theirs a lot more to this than just posting an ebook on a website. So there i was a bit down hearted but not beaten. Surely there must be other ways to promote or sell my product.

Well it turns out you can not just post plr products on random sites and hope they sell, After reading other stories and peoples journeys it turns out you have to market yourself to get your own name out there, this is another topic i will get to in another post.

Private Label Rights Website

Now i have my first product i have decided the best way forward is to buy a few more ebooks and rebrand them and put my own name on them and then to create my very first website about plr products.Now i have made a couple of websites before but nothing this challenging so i knew i had my work cut out. Following several you tube videos i finally got there, and what i website i have created it looks amazing. Now i find myself back again in the same spot how do i sell these products where do i promote my website ? some one please help me im thinking.Next post coming soon



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