Email List Secrets

The 5-Minute Guide To Getting Email Marketing Results.

Have you ever wanted to build a more meaningful relationship
with your audience?

Would you like to be a top blogger perhaps? A full-time internet
marketer who can sell thousands of ebooks?
Or perhaps you already have a business and you just want to
generate more interest and more business for it?
No matter what the case, an email list can be an incredibly
powerful tool that will help you to do all those things and more.
Email has the ability to influence and impact your audience in
ways that no other form of marketing can – and it’s also incredibly
simple to get started with thanks to the complete lack of up-front
investment needed and the great tools out there to help you get

The statistics make it clear too: email marketing is top dog when it
comes to making profit and building trust.
Just consider a few of these metrics:
• Email marketing has a ROI of over 4,300%!
• 91% of US consumers check their email once a day at least
• 66% of consumers in the US over 15 have purchased at
least one thing as a direct result of an email campaign.

When surveyed, internet marketing companies say that
email marketing is more profitable than:
o Content marketing
o Display advertising
o Mobile ads
o Direct marketing
o Social media
If you take a look at any of the blogs on making money online or
running a blog, you’ll find that they all recommend email
marketing as one of the single most important things you can
invest your time and money in.

And yet there are still a lot of people out there who aren’t putting
their faith or their time into this form of marketing.
One big reason is that people simply don’t understand what email
marketing is capable of or how to make the most of it.
Many of us are not that engaged with the email marketing we
receive and this makes it hard for us to imagine how it can work
for us as marketers. And it might be something that you’ve
dabbled with in the past but had no success from.

The fact of the matter is that a lot of people are misguided when it
comes to email marketing and don’t really understand how to
make the most of it.
In this free ‘five minute guide’, I’m going to teach you some of the
most important aspects of email marketing you need to know in
order to make a difference. I’m not talking about the technical
aspect of how to set up an autoresponder or what email
marketing is for. I’m talking about the way you approach email
marketing and how you can change that for the better so that you
start to really make a splash.
This is powerful advice and it is going to put you ahead of the
majority of other internet marketers in your niche. So, hang onto
your hat and let’s get stuck in…

The True Power of Email Marketing
The true power of email marketing is not that it allows you to
message your audience directly, or that it allows you to bypass
Facebook or Twitter. These are big positives of course but they
are not the thing that gives email marketing the edge over other
similar forms of marketing.
Rather, what really makes email marketing impactful, is the fact
that it is so much more personal and that it involves so much
more trust..

Getting someone to follow you on Twitter is easy. All they need to
do is click a button and if they want to unfollow you, that’s easy
But getting someone to give you their email address is
considerably more difficult. The reason for this is that an email
address is much more personal. This is where we talk to friends
and relatives and it is something we always have access to. If you
receive a new email, it will normally result in a notification that
alerts you to something new in your inbox.
Many of us already feel that we’re inundated with spam and can
even feel stressed if we get an email because of it.

So, if your followers have agreed to give you their email address,
then that is a massive sign of trust. And when they receive that
message, it completely changes the dynamic. They now feel as
though you are talking to them and they feel that they have got
much more privileged access to whatever you are doing.
Really, it is only true fans that will hand over their email and that
means that you now have the most engaged kind of audience
possible that you can speak to directly.
This gives you the ability to sell to people who you know trust in
what you’re doing and that alone is going to result in a high
number of conversions. Seeing as it’s so cheap and easy to write

really any surprise to see that the ROI of email marketing is that
crazy 4,300% figure!
This now means you are speaking directly to big fans and they
are going to immediately feel like they are more a part of the
movement that is your brand than they did before. They are now
part of the ‘inner sanctum’ and there is a sense of excitement and
belonging that comes from that.
This is very similar to an interesting psychological quirk that all
humans demonstrate. Do you know what one of the best ways to
get someone to like you more is? It’s to ask them to do you a
favor! Now, you would think that this would be the other way
around, but actually, when someone does you a favor, it creates a
certain ‘cognitive dissonance’. They will want to explain to
themselves why they just went out of their way to help you and
thus they will reason that it must be because they really like you!

The same thing happens when someone gives you their email
address. This will feel like a strange thing to do because they just
invited you to start selling to them – and that’s not something they
Why would they have done that unless they were massive fans of
your brand?Thus, your subscribers become instantly more engaged. This is
also why any sales funnel – a series of steps designed to get
someone to pay for a big ticket item – will always involve a
mailing list at some point.
1,000 True Fans
You might have heard of the book ‘1,000 True Fans’. This famous
marketing text claims that all a business needs is 1,000 true fans
and from there, they can go about building a huge audience that
will grow exponentially. That’s because true fans are people who
will shout about your brand, who will buy everything you create
and who will share your links online. True fans become your
promoters, your testimonials and more and this can result in more
and more momentum for your brand over time.

Email marketing is the perfect way to create those true fans
because it gets people to sign up and to agree to become a ‘part
of something’. It also creates a form of marketing where your
audience feels that they are speaking with you directly and that
they could respond if they wanted to. This isn’t some account
manned by a robot!
And in fact, I highly encourage that you invite your audience to
write back, to share their thoughts and to get involved – this will
only further strengthen that kind of brand engagement that can
lead to huge sales and massive growth.Likewise, you can also encourage this more by using the right
choice of language. You want to emphasize that sense of
belonging, of being a movement and of being something greater.
You can do this by telling people to ‘sign up and join the
revolution’ or to ‘sign up and get involved!’.
You are almost giving your audience some ownership over your
brand in this way. You are creating a real relationship and by
doing this you are making something much more powerful than
just a company trying to sell people things…

How to Write Perfect Emails
This is where the power of email marketing comes from and it is
the kind of spirit you’re going to tap into in order to get people to
sign up and to feel excited as they do.
But now you need to start sending messages and of course it’s
rather important that you don’t drop the ball at this point.To start with then, you should always try to maintain that feeling of
speaking directly to your audience and of being part of something
together. Email marketing is much more personal than advertising
or other forms of marketing because it’s right in the inbox. That
means that you will need to use much more personal language –
make sure that you use the names of your recipients (most
autoresponders will allow you to do this) and structure your emails
like letters. Ask how your readers are and then invite them to write

These tips also have the big benefit of helping you to get past the
spam filters far more effectively. You’ll find that by using names
and the right structure, spam doesn’t think you are trying to sell
something. At the same time, you’ll also be more likely to end up
in the main inbox rather than the ‘promotional’ inbox.
And as well as beating the spam filter, this can also help you to
beat that ‘human spam filter’. When you send an email that has a
subject line like ‘Here are a few interesting updates’, this grabs
attention because it feels personal, genuine and interesting.
On the other hand, if your subject line says ‘The ULTIMATE way
to grow your biceps revealed!’ then you know instantly that this is
someone who badly wants you to open the email and who is
probably desperate to sell something as a result,Writing from a first person perspective also gives you access to
one more incredibly powerful tool: the ability to tell stories.
It is often said that storytelling is ‘SEO for the human brain’. What
this means, is that the human brain is evolved to love storytelling
and to find it highly engaging. We like stories because we’re used
to hearing them but also because we instinctively think they must
be relevant to us.Someone else’s experiences will always be
likely to hold tips and advice that we can take for ourselves.
That, and stories are always more emotional. When you come to
try and sell, you’ll learn that you sell best through emotion and not
through reason. If you tell a story of how changing to X training
regime helped you to get into shape and finally feel great about
yourself, that gets people invested in your transformation and
makes them far more motivated to want to buy that same program
from you.
So, whatever tip or advice you want to share in your message,
make sure that you phrase it in a way that makes it into a story.
This will instantly be much less dry, much more engaging and
much more interesting!
Oh, and one last crucially important tip is to always provide some
kind of value in each and every message. Whether that is an
actionable idea or tip, useful advice or money off. In order to get
your audience to want to read your next messages, you need to
ensure that the information in your last one made them feel that it
was worthwhile clicking on it. Think of this in terms of a ratio too –
the quicker they get that value, the better the ROI has been for
them. Keep your letters short and sweet then and pack them with
as much good stuff as you possibly can.




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