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Why Put Your Business On Facebook

The global economy is here to stay and the Internet is one of its primary
vehicles of commerce. The old ways of doing business are quickly changing
to be replaced by entrepreneurs who know how to reach customers all over
the world and in the privacy of their own homes. However, to do that,
today’s business owners have to be technically savvy to reap some of the
benefits of the Internet. They have to change their way of thinking about
how to run a business and they need to go to places where there are
potential clients ready to be approached for a quick sale. This is where
Facebook comes in.

Changing the way we do business

In the past, the only way to do business was through a retail or mail-order
store. Either way, to find your customers you had to either do substantial
marketing research on your own, a mass-mailing campaign, and/or have a
storefront business that attracted walk-ins. That limited most small
entrepreneurs because they needed a large amount of startup capital just to
get started with their business.
The Internet has changed all that. Now, you don’t have to hire someone to
do market research to find your customers. You can speedily find them on
your own in social networking communities like Facebook. With the power of
email and other electronic applications, you don’t even need to spend money on a mailing campaign. And, you can even have a business that has a virtual storefront and no retail space and do very well too. In addition, the Internet has changed the dynamics between people who sold
services like advertising or their own products, to make it advantageous to
them to go with small players to do some advertising or selling of their own
products online. The biggest change is that the Internet has made the act of
starting your own business much easier and given everyone an equal
opportunity to become a success! It just takes a little know-how and a bit of
persistence to eventually establish yourself as a business on the Internet.

Social Networking And Web

At first, the Internet was developed by scientists as a repository for
information. It was only later that it began to be exploited for marketing and
entertainment purposes. As technologies got more sophisticated, pure text
messages began to be replaced with video and music clips. People began to
gather into different communities to share not only information, but anything
and everything that was of interest to them. Communities like eBay took off
for auction sites and MySpace is popular with many teenagers. Facebook had
its one defined marketplace when it first started: college students.
As these community sites grew and started to extend their influence, they
became known as social networking sites. In addition, a new moniker of
“Web 2.0” was given to anything on the Internet that fostered a sense of
community versus straight informational downloads. In that respect, many
people see the first version of the Web as being very straight vanilla, almost
like a news read, and Web 2.0 is for anything beyond that that is more
interactive with surfers becoming community participants too.

Why Facebook

It became obvious, quite quickly, that where people gathered online there is
a huge potential for traffic generation and eyeballs to your business and
products. However, places like MySpace attracted a younger crowd and
weren’t suitable for business purposes, unlike Facebook.

Since Facebook first
started as a place for college students to meet other college students, it was
natural for it to expand into the professional market once these students
graduated. Not only that, but it is one of the fastest growing social
networking sites out there with Millions of  registered users online.
In this ebook, you will learn how to use Facebook to develop a business that
is not only profitable, but cutting edge. As the Internet and social networking
evolves, you will be stepping into markets on the bottom floor as an early
adopter of Internet technology for business purposes. We will guide you
through the process to help you navigate new and exciting areas in business
that can give you an idea of how wide the marketplace really is on the


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