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How to Overcome the Barrier to Sale to Sell More PLR Products

How to Overcome the Barrier to Sale to Sell More PLR Products

Your job if you are selling PLR products is to convince people who land on your website to make a purchase. You already have the product and you may even have purchased marketing materials along with it to convince people to visit your page. From here, it is up to you to ‘seal the deal’ by getting people to buy and that means you need a page that converts.

Partly this is down to the sales script but on top of that, it is also down to the way that you have presented the sales page and what it conveys. Most importantly, it’s down to your ability to overcome the ‘barriers to sale’ the points of resistance that we all meet when considering making any purchase. Here are some tips that can help you to break through those barriers in your customers’ minds.


One of the big challenges you face as a seller is getting your buyer to trust you. They need to believe that when they make a purchase from you, they will get their product and you won’t just run off into the sunset with their money. Likewise, they need to trust that the product is good and that the checkout system you are using works.

This starts with the legwork you do long before you try to secure a sale. Having a high quality blog and building a relationship with your audience will allow you to gain their trust and demonstrate the kind of value you can offer.

Another important tip is to use a recognized payment processor. The one we most often recommend for this is PayPal, which is something that everyone has at least heard of.

Finally, always make sure you are offering a full money-back guarantee if they don’t like it. By removing the risk this way, you’ll find more people buy from you. Only very few will actually use the guarantee but the money you gain will far outweigh the money you lose.


Another consideration is the ease with which your visitors can buy. Most people buy based on an impulse rather than a logical consideration and if they have to spend a lot of time fiddling with payment details, then you may lose that advantage. This is another reason to use a simple payment method like PayPal. Better yet? Sell them something cheap and small first before you push bigger items. This will help you to demonstrate you’re trustworthy and save their payment details for later!


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