How To Upload a PLR Sales Page to WordPress

Looking for a way to upload a PLR product to your WordPress site?

After much investigation, research, and even considerations of creating my own “PLR to WordPress” plug-in (still something in the pipeline), I learned a workaround to uploading a PLR product to a WordPress site.
HTML Import 2 WordPress plug-in.
FileZilla – To upload website files to your webhost. You can use any FTP tool.
You’ll need your FTP login. To get your login you can either:
Search on Google for “how to create an ftp login [web host]” where [web host] equals your web host. For example, “how to create an ftp login bluehost”. You’ll find a tutorial on how to create it.
Contact your web host with instructions on how to create an FTP login. They will direct you with instructions on how to do it.
“Total” WordPress theme – The theme I used in the tutorial. You can search for it within your Themes section. Bare in mind, there’s another Total theme that is PAID. That is different. Here’s the direct link to the right Total theme:
Notepad or any other text editor to open the main.css and reset.css files.
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